Student Look back

Raval Shital N.
Today I am going to share my experience about college. It has been a great privilege to be a part of this college. During my association with the institute, I have observed inculcation of values, culture of work ethics, state of the art learning and learning techniques that are offered by this college.

One of the most important thing that observed here is the momentum of motivation given by the principal mam and professors. We often says that a teacher plays a vital role in shaping up the future of the and that is 100% correct in my case. They have shown me a vision of my life.

Apart from imparting basic education the college trust is very keen producing socially responsible citizen of the nation. It has also comment various project activities to engage students in overall development of their future and character. The college trustees, principal mam and professors of this college work hand-in-hand in providing the best education to one and all study here.

Principal ma'm and professors of this college are so humble and kind to us that even if I am in M.Ed. course, I can approach them in case of any query related to my study any time round the clock and they are always ready to help their students. Apart from this they have also given us the advantage of using the very very rich college library whenever we require though we are no more B.Ed. students.

Lastly I would like to thank my professors and my method master without whose blessings I could never acquired this platform where I am today. I wish all the very best to college and hope that this institute will become an education hub in future.

-Raval Shital N.


Shah Ekta S.
It gives me great pleasure to express my views about Shri Gayatri Collage of Education. There are certain reason for which I like to express some good about this Collage.

The Campus of the Collage is wide and have enough space move arround.
The atmosphere of the Collage is friendly.
The Information given at the time of admission is clear and specific.
The management give systematic programs of the whole academic year.
The coordination between the staff and the students is friendly and co-operative.
The activity which is to be take place between the year is arranged properly and seriously.
The training of the lassion plan given to students is thought seriously.
There is an arrangement of examination at the regular interval.
The extra activity like sports, Rangoly, Rakhi Making, Debate Competition and G.K. quiz, etc. held regularly.
The problems of the students is heard by Principal carefully and solved immediately.

I have completed my B.ED from this collage and I have learn a lot in my life. I suggest an individual to take B.ED education from this Collage.

-Shah Ekta S.


Mukund Patel
The main motto of the Gayatri college is "work is worship" where all tasks are to be performed graciously, wheather it is teaching, guiding, entertaining, or training. Most of the work taught by the teachers has been so amazing that the students don't have to revice again. All the faculties of the college are much nice & the teachers are much supportive and kind . college encourages Students to take part in co-curricular activities and social activities. For training purpose, also teachers have supported to us a lot.

At last, I just want to say that for being a perfactteacher Gayatri college is the best training institute...

-Mukund Patel


Mr Snehal Soni
In our rush to reform education, we have forgotten a simple truth; reforms will never be achieved only by re-writing curriculum, revising texts, designing in-service programmes, practicing IT Education or by providing luxury to students. At Gayatri College of Education learning is not merely about intellectual and emotional engagement with others but also intellectual and emotional engagement with self through regular reflection, review and renewal of purposes and practices. Here we cherish the human relations and human potentials to create a passion for learning.

When I joined college I had several questions, like what do we do in school? Why? And most importantly, how we do everything, which we call, "learning" was the question. My teachers at college made me realize that new ideas demand new perspectives towards our superficial methodologies, believed to be innovation and creative learning. A fresh look to the new idea of schooling needs PASSION: a passion for teaching- learning programme. To be passionate about teaching is not only to express enthusiasm but also to enact it in a principled, value- led, intelligent way... Passion is associated with enthusiasm, care, commitment and hope, which are the key characteristics to effectiveness in teaching learning era.

Kudos to our teachers to make us realize the real meaning of learning!

In this mixed world of competing motives and condensing ideology, Gayatri College is school where one can experience learning where there is no madness in method or method in madness; it is all about one's passion, about learning. It is all about knowledge - Gayatri College is beyond the classroom which develops the culture of learning, commitment and enthusiasm for continual improvement. Also it encourages all to experiment new ideas in a culture in which mistakes are treated as "Path to learning" and new ideas are supported in the process of celebrating learning.

I always will remember what Namrata madam used to say, "21st centaury schools must shift from a rigid and narrow perspective of teaching learning practices to our adaptive mode in which the educational environment can provide for a range of opportunities for success".

Thanks a lot!

-Mr Snehal Soni

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